Financial Stuff

Unlike a lot of other – particularly big – agencies, we shy away from retainer relationships. In our experience, we find that everyone – both the client and the agency – ends up happier when actual hours are billed against an approved project budget.

We simply bill out against agreed-upon project budgets on a monthly basis. Agreed-upon budgets are not exceeded without prior approval.

And, again unlike a lot of other agencies, we don’t believe in making money on out-of-pocket expenses. So, we bill clients at net for out-of-pocket expenses such a travel, postage, printing, telephone and press material distribution – there are never any mark-ups for out-of-pocket expenses. We do not bill clients for faxing, photocopying, Internet access or other ongoing office operating expenses.

Our billing rates are based on the public relations/communications activity. For example, ongoing counsel/public relations strategy development bills at a higher rate than travel time or media monitoring.

A complete list of billing rates is provided when a public relations program is developed.  Please contact us to get started.