Molly S. Wolfe

Director of Security and Human Resources

Molly joined L. Wolfe Communications in July 2004. Our youngest and most inexperienced team member, she began as an office assistant when she was just eight weeks old.

Over the years, she has risen in the organization and is now director of Security and Human Resources. Her duties include guarding the office from her post at the front window, ensuring that Lisa takes outdoor breaks during the day, and emptying the trash. But, mostly, she is in charge of the entire team – and can sometimes be heard barking orders when we are on conference calls.

Unfortunately, she has yet to master typing or answering the phones. In addition, she has a rocky relationship with the media and was voted “Most Unsociable Co-host” at a holiday party by the “Chicago Tribune” in January 2006. Nonetheless, Molly is a valued member of the L. Wolfe Communications team and puts in many hours both supervising staff and monitoring the office security and now supervising and training the still quite “untrained” L. Wolfe Communications Intern, Polly.

Molly’s hobbies are hanging out with her friend Mac, running in the yard to keep her girlish figure, sunning herself on the deck and travel. She has been on more than 25 flights as well as countless car trips in the company’s Mini Cooper.

She lives at L. Wolfe Communications, of course!