Professional Examination Service Pilots Advanced Digital Response Device for Paper Testing

Partnership with Turning Technologies Replaces Pencil with Highly Secure “Clicker”

New York, NY – November 06, 2012

Professional Examination Service, the most experienced organization in professional licensure and certification services, will pilot a new type of digital response device with its clients that potentially could replace the “pencil” in paper-and-pencil testing.

Partnering with Turning Technologies, the global leader in the response technology industry, Professional Examination Service will introduce Turning’s new Triton Data Collection System as an option for current paper-and-pencil test administrations.

Resembling an advanced classroom “clicker,” the Triton system is unique in that it offers the accuracy and built-in encryption security to make it suitable for high-stakes testing, combined with the portability required to replace pencils and answer sheets on paper tests. This allows for the location flexibility and efficiencies in group testing that paper has always provided but adds the rapid turnaround and security found in computer-based systems.

“Professional Examination Service is excited to partner with Turning as the first organization to offer Triton digital response devices to professional credentialing clients,” noted Robert S. Block, president and CEO, Professional Examination Service. “We have been at the forefront of integrating appropriate new technology throughout our more than 70-year history. The Triton system is a unique, simple enhancement for those with paper examination programs who want the benefits of digital testing, but aren’t able to move to fully computer-based sites.”

The Triton system pairs individual response devices used by credential candidates with proctoring software embedded into a receiver that resembles a familiar USB stick. No software is installed, and response data are always encrypted for security, on-site and during and after transmission to the central administration web portal. Unlike paper testing, the system alerts candidates to unanswered questions, and they can easily review and change answers during the test period and receive confirmation of changes.

“Triton bridges the gap between bubble sheet scoring and computer-based testing,” said Turning Technologies CEO Mike Broderick. “We’ve spent more than two years developing the patented Triton technology, and have found in our own testing that participants and proctors prefer it more than three-to-one over computer-based testing and nine-to-one over paper-based testing.”

Professional Examination Service plans to begin pilots in 2013 with clients selected from the credential sponsors it works with in a range of professions and industries including accounting, education, engineering, energy, financial services, food services, health care, information technology, management, medicine and security.

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