Company History

Who we are today has been shaped by where we were yesterday. We are driven by a desire to do great public relations work and be successful and have fun along the way.

During her career in public relations, our principal, Lisa Wolfe has traveled many different paths. After a brief stint in print journalism, she went on to work in public libraries, for a large national association, an even larger urban school system and then for a boutique public relations agency that was later sold to an advertising agency. Lisa quickly discovered that the higher you rise in the agency world, the more you move away from doing the actual work and into managing budgets, refereeing debates over who deserves the best office space and all of the other non-communications activities that come with being a senior executive in most agency environments.

This was not what she wanted to be doing. It was certainly not her passion!

So, in 2000, Lisa took the many lessons she learned along the way and founded L. Wolfe Communications. Her goal was to build a successful agency – devoted to serving the education and library markets – and to spend her time actually doing client work – everything from strategy to press release and case study writing to media relations.

Today, she has assembled a team of talented communications professionals who have the time and dedication to learn about their clients’ businesses, keep abreast of education issues and trends and who genuinely like what they do, working with their clients and building relationships with their clients’ customers.

Our goal is to continue to carefully grow our client base – but only to the extent that we can provide each client with individualized, high-quality public relations services that result in great market successes – and to continue to have as much fun as possible along the way!